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Welcome to Devereux@Waring

We believe that education takes place through real-life experiences, both individual and shared, and a complete education therefore requires attention to developing the whole person—mind and body.

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The Devereux@Waring School was founded in 2016 to create an educational experience that blends Devereux’s values with Waring’s vast resources. Located in Beverly at the Waring School campus, our school is housed in one of the main academic buildings and is surrounded by 32 acres of land.


Devereux@Waring’s theme-based, interdisciplinary curriculum encourages students to recognize how studies are interconnected with one another and provides students with a framework that inspires them to pursue their individual interests and passions. Our curriculum includes daily humanities, math, and French lessons, in addition to weekly science instruction, French immersion art, physical education, maker space, and biweekly instruction in chorus and theater.

As part of our partnership with the Waring School, our students have access to Waring’s theater, library, gymnasium, computer labs, greenhouse, and maker space, as well as the many trails and fields that comprise the campus. 

Through the shared language of French, we seek to create a community that is dedicated to cultural immersion in every aspect of our curriculum. Our French curriculum is designed to be accessible to both students who are new to the language and those who have had significant exposure. Classes are taught in immersion style, and each lesson—whether it be a formal grammar lesson or a vocabulary building game—targets a wide range of abilities.

At Devereux@Waring, we believe that education takes place through real-life experiences, both individual and shared, and a complete education therefore requires attention to developing the whole person—mind and body. Our curriculum incorporates yoga and meditation into our daily and weekly schedule, and students are given opportunities to connect with their natural surroundings and engage in social and emotional mindfulness.



Devereux@Waring Handbook.  

 2023/24 Academic Calendar

 2024/25 Academic Calendar

Rotating curriculum guide 


The Fourth and Fifth grade Devereux@Waring program continues the Devereux educational experience.  The theme-based, interdisciplinary curriculum encourages students to recognize how studies are interconnected with one another and provides students with a framework that inspires them to pursue their individual interests and passions. 

Arts are a cornerstone of Devereux@Waring. 

All students participate in recitation in poetry, chorus, Soundpainting and appreciation of different types of music. Our school concerts present opportunities for the children to develop self-confidence and poise as they experience the joy of making music together. Additionally, as part of our curriculum, children participate in and learn about theater arts. 


During their two years at Devereux@Waring, students will participate in discussion-based learning that asks them to make connections among their core areas of study.   They will recognize themes and identify key details in works of literature, beginning to move from concrete to more symbolic and metaphorical ways of thinking about language.  Our students will further develop their mathematical reasoning skills through a combination of formalized instruction and experiential learning.  They will  think critically about their relationship to the environment through scientific methods of inquiry and investigation.  In addition to engaging in more rigorous forms of French immersion across the curriculum, our students will enhance their experience through various field trips and experiential learning opportunities. 

4th & 5th Grade Program Guide


Devereux @ Waring students receive immersive French instruction to enhance their cultural awareness and to enrich their learning experience in all academic subjects.  All aspects of the French program are supported by visual and manipulative aids to add enjoyment to the learning process. Because our Madame is a native French speaker, students quickly learn to comprehend and express themselves in the language. 


Since its introduction, our French program has flourished. On average, two-thirds of our grade school students score in the top 90th percentile of Le Grand Concours, a national French contest in which nearly 70,000 children nationwide participate each year. Since 2009, we have had 20 Gold medal winners, scoring in the top 5% of all participants, 44 Silver medal winners and 1 Platinum medal winner, given to only one student with the highest score nationally at a given level. The high performance of our students is both a strong indicator of the success of our program and affirms our belief in the potential of a child to absorb a second language.


Our Mission

Our primary mission is to prepare your child to be a literate, creative, and critical thinker, as well as a lifelong learner. We utilize both a Project Based Learning and Montessori inspired approach to teaching in our classroom.

The faculty and staff of Devereux@Waring share a set of values that make the school a unique and productive educational environment:

  • We respect and prize the individuality of each student. 

  • We acknowledge that students have particular gifts and specific strengths in their approaches to learning. 

  • Through a focus on manners, public speaking, and recitation, children develop self-confidence and poise. 

  • Teachers watch for this growing confidence in all aspects of a student’s life at the school and support that growth by encouraging each student to do his or her best. 

For parents interested in learning about the Montessori philosophy, there are several books written by, and about Maria Montessori available at your local library or online.


Devereux@Waring bases its teaching methods on both Project Based Learning and  the philosophies developed by Maria Montessori.  Our strong academic curriculum is centered on math, science, music, nature, and the arts. To this end, our students are able to use Waring’s art spaces, theater, library, maker space, gymnasium, computer labs, and greenhouse, as well as the many trails and fields that comprise the campus.

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The Devereux@Waring curriculum includes daily humanities, math, and French lessons in addition to weekly science instruction, French immersion,art, physical education, maker space, yoga, meditation, trail walks and biweekly instruction in chorus and theater.

The schedule allows for an hour of lunch and recess and at least 30 minutes of free choice at the end of each day. 


In addition to receiving daily French instruction, the students experience art in total French immersion. The French curriculum is designed to be accessible to both the experienced and beginner student. 

Lastly, the curriculum is tied together each year with an overarching theme cycling between “Revolutions” one year and “Traditions” the following year. 


Every child is encouraged to develop respect for self, others, and the environment. The child’s sense of responsibility for, and appreciation of, their natural and human environment is developed through both yoga and meditation. At the beginning of each school year, students work together to create a Code of Conduct. They all have input and agree together to follow this code. This Code of Conduct hangs in the classroom for all to see. 


Our Staff


Kasey Sampson 

Kasey is the Lead Teacher of the Devereux@Waring 4th & 5th grade program. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Salem State University, majoring in Elementary Education and French, as well as her Initial Massachusetts Teaching Licensure. Her focused subjects are math and science. Kasey is a certified yoga instructor and herbalist and enjoys bringing these passions into the classroom. During her free time, Kasey resets by spending time in nature with her dogs, volunteering at local community gardens, and seeing live music.   


Virginie Treilhou

Madame Virginie hails from Amiens, France and has been our French Program Director since 2003. Educated in France, she has obtained her Montessori licenses for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Lower Elementary in Massachusetts.  Madame Virginie has created a stimulating curriculum infused with enthusiasm and passion for the French language and culture. In 2017 Madame instituted our wonderful Nursery French Immersion program and now provides French instruction to our students in grades 1-5. Madame Virginie also introduced and coordinates the school's very successful annual participation in the Grand Concours National French Competition. 


Admissions: We are currently accepting applications for the 2024/25 academic year.

The Devereux@Waring School currently limits enrollment to no more than 16 students per year. 

Parents who are interested in enrolling their children in our program are encouraged to contact us. After touching base, and an initial zoom meeting with you and your child, we will invite prospective students to spend a day in the classroom with us. Your student will be able to meet our current students, get a sense of the daily routine of our classes, and receive a tour of the school campus. Parents will have an opportunity to speak with our teachers, ask questions, and learn more about the school. Shortly after each classroom visit day, parents will be notified if their child has been accepted or wait-listed for our program. Enrollment decisions are made throughout the year on a “first-come, first-served” basis.


Devereux@Waring School prides itself on providing an exceptionally high quality educational experience at an extremely competitive cost. In addition, we offer a limited number of school scholarships to provide tuition assistance. The annual tuition for the 2024-25 academic year is $17,500. This amount includes all text books,  materials, field trips, French immersion and all specials taught throughout the school year. You may download  our application forms here.


There are two Devereux/Waring Buses. The first leaves from 44 Smith Street, Marblehead via Salem with a possible Swampscott stop depending on interest. The second leaves from the Kmart Plaza, Newburyport via Ipswich.

For Waring School's admissions information please click here.



35 Standley Street 
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