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Over 85 years of cultivating academic careers of children with aesthetics, creativity, and ethics with the commitment “Fovete Stirpes” – Foster the Roots


 Devereux School

Established in 1932, Devereux School has a rich history as one of the North Shore’s oldest academic institutions, providing a solid educational and ethical foundation for over three generations of students.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” – Maria Montesssori

The nursery through third grade campus is located in the heart of Marblehead while the fourth and fifth grade program, Devereux @ Waring,  resides on the Waring School campus in Beverly.

Our programs emphasize tradition and a return to a simpler time. The environments provide safe, secure, and family oriented settings where every child is encouraged to develop respect for self, others, and the earth.


Music, appreciation of nature, science, math and the arts are integral parts of the academic program at Devereux.

After over 85 years of cultivating the academic careers of children with aesthetics, creativity, and ethics, Devereux School has evolved by fully embracing cultural diversity while holding fast to its original commitment to the children: “Fovete Stirpes,” foster the roots.

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Nursery School 

We believe that young children learn by doing.  As such, the Nursery School curriculum is centered around developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities. Our students are given the opportunity to explore and make choices in a safe and stimulating environment. 


As the children move into the Kindergarten level, the program incorporates more sequenced instruction in basic skill areas such as reading, writing, and mathematics while allowing for enrichment of activities and complexity of ideas. The use of themes provides a framework for integrating material from different subject areas, including the arts. 


First, Second, and Third Grades

The First through Third Grade  ("Grader") classroom is housed in its own building and features a  break-out room, full kitchen, and three ADA-compliant bathrooms.


The  curriculum includes daily humanities and mathematics in addition to weekly science instruction, French immersion, art, physical education, meditation, trail walks, and twice-weekly chorus instruction . Third graders also learn to  master the recorder and perform in each of our three annual concerts.

The schedule allows for an hour of lunch with recess and at least 30 minutes of free choice at the end of the day. 

The class also enjoys several field trips a year to local sites as well as to the  Devereux@Waring campus.

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Fourth and Fifth Grades 

The Devereux@Waring program resides on the Waring School campus in Beverly, MA and was established to connect our Nursery-Third Grade program in Marblehead to Waring's Sixth Grade-Twelfth Grade program in Beverly.   

The Devereux@Waring curriculum ties together an overarching theme cycling between “Revolutions” one year and “Traditions” the following year.   Frequent field trips play an integral part in this theme-driven learning experience.

Also included in the curriculum are daily humanities, math, and French lessons in addition to weekly science instruction, French immersion art, physical education, maker space, yoga, meditation, trail walks and biweekly instruction in chorus and theater.  The French program is accessible to both the experienced and beginner student.   

The schedule allows for an hour of lunch and recess and at least 30 minutes of free choice at the end of each day. 

Camp Devereux

Summer Program

Camp Devereux, is a summer program for children ages 3 to 9. For decades, our young campers have enjoyed  our heated swimming pool and the serenity of our large private playground surrounded by trees that offers natural shade.

It is a wonderful summertime environment ideal for traditional summer activities such as designing a sand castle, relaxing on a blanket making gimp and bead jewelry, cooling down with our slip & slide or organizing a basketball or soccer game with old and new friends alike.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to prepare your child to be a literate, creative and critical thinker, as well as a lifelong learner.

At Devereux School we…

  • Believe that all children can succeed. 

  • Recognize and accommodate the individual differences of all students. 

  • Encourage each child to develop to his or her maximum potential – physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. 

  • Empower children to become more capable as they are encouraged to pursue new areas of interest. 

  • Offer a strong academic curriculum tailored to each child’s individual learning style. 

  • Encourage high achievement and effective participation in the community. 

  • Develop the child’s awareness and appreciation of the arts. 

  • Encourage each child to develop respect for self, others, and environment. 

  • Work in partnership with parents to the benefit of the child’s social and academic growth and enhanced self-esteem. 

For parents interested in learning about the Montessori philosophy, there are several books written by and about Maria Montessori available at your local library or online.


Devereux School bases its teaching methods on the philosophies developed by Maria Montessori. We have taken the best of Montessori and combined it with the best of our experience. Our strong academic  curriculum is centered on music, science, nature, and the arts.

All students receive daily French instruction as part of their curriculum. We strongly believe that exposing children to language at a very early age within a nurturing environment can only result in a successful and meaningful experience for them.

Every child is encouraged to develop respect for self, others, and the environment. The child’s sense of responsibility for the natural and human environment is developed through, for example, participation in animal care and tending to the school grounds.


Our Staff

Elizabeth Laub Administrative Director

Elizabeth has been at the helm of Devereux School since 2011. A lifetime Marblehead resident, wife, and mother of two daughters, Elizabeth has dedicated her life to early-childhood education. The nearly two decades teaching at the Marblehead Children’s Center and Seaside Nursery School were among her most rewarding years. Elizabeth utilizes her wealth of experience in the field of early childhood development and the expertise she gained from serving on Tower School’s Enrichment Committee, Marblehead Public Schools Arts Council, Marblehead Dollars For Scholars as well as several other local committees and organizations.  Elizabeth’s history of investing in our community has proved invaluable to Devereux.

Todd Zion 

Business Owner & Manager

Todd took over the Devereux School in 2011 after having sold his biotechnology company, SmartCells, to Merck and Co. in December of 2010.  He made a commitment at that time to protect, preserve, and grow this incredibly special learning environment for his family and the children of Marblehead and the neighboring communities.  Today, Todd is the co-founder, President and CEO of Akston Biosciences Corporation,  developing novel medicines to treat, prevent, and cure diabetes.  Todd holds a Ph.D. from MIT and a B.S. from Cornell University, both in Chemical Engineering.  Todd donates his time to mentor students at both his alma maters and just recently stepped down after serving four  years as President of Marblehead Dollars for Scholars.  

Paul Baker

Associate Head of School

Paul joined the Devereux team in July of 2019. He is a Board Trustee at MCCPS  and serves on the school's Governance Committee as well as clerk of the school SEPAC. Paul is also an active participant in the Marblehead School District. Paul graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.A. in Canadian & British History.

A native of England, he has resided in Marblehead since 2004 with

his wife Julie and two sons. Both Silas and Wendell attended the Devereux Nursery program and Camp Devereux, where this year Silas became a camp councilor.  Paul enjoys live music, soccer, camping and cycling.

Virginie Treilhou

French Bilingual Director/Kindergarten Teacher

Madame Virginie hails from Amiens, France and has been our French Program Director since 2003. Educated in France, she has obtained her Montessori licenses for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Lower Elementary in Massachusetts.  Madame Virginie has created a stimulating curriculum infused with enthusiasm and passion for the French language and culture. in 2017 Madame instituted our wonderful Nursery French Immersion program and this year will be leading our Kindergarten class as well as providing  French instruction to our students in grades 1-5. Madame Virginie also introduced and coordinates the school's very successful annual participation in the Grand Concours National French Competition. 

Whitney Gray

First - Third Grade Teacher

Whitney is excited to be joining the Devereux team.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and an American Montessori Society 6-9 certification. While pursuing her Master’s, Whitney worked as a Lower Elementary teacher at Newton Montessori School and Kingsley Montessori School in Boston. Most recently, Whitney worked as a Literacy Tutor at Stanley School in Swampscott helping to develop strategic lessons to enrich the reading curriculum . She is trained in Orton Gillingham and has experience using Wilson instruction to improve reading, writing and comprehension.  Whitney has also worked as the Teen Instructor at the Yoga Loft teaching mindfulness and breathing techniques. Whitney is committed to fostering a nurturing, child-focused learning environment and collaborating to create innovative and engaging activities. Raised in Montana , Whitney has a deep appreciation for the peaceful qualities of nature. This she takes with her as a part of who she is as a teacher.

Beth Russell

First - Third Grade Teacher

A lifelong resident of Marblehead Beth has taught at Devereux School for over twenty five years and is the daughter of Elizabeth Dooling Georges, founder of Devereux School.  Beth received her education at Merrimack College, Salem State University, and the North American Montessori Center.

Together with her husband, Peter, Beth has four children, and five grandchildren, many of whom have attended Devereux . She is passionate about learning and education and loves working with children. When not at Devereux, Beth enjoys reading, traveling, nature, music and art.

Suzanne Salem

Kindergarten Teacher

Suzanne hails from Cincinnati and  lived in Florida, Canada, France and Ohio before settling in Marblehead in 2011. Suzanne holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications Sciences Disorders, and is passionate about early childhood education. She has worked with kindergartners and first graders with speech impediments, helping to  develop their language skills, and spent years volunteering in her children's classrooms and on various school committees before reentering the classroom as a paraprofessional. Suzanne  has spent the last three years at the Coffin School aiding first, second and third graders attain their IEP and behavioral goals.

She is the mother of three children, two of whom attended the Devereux School.  Suzanne very much enjoys cooking and traveling. 

Paige Rotondo

Nursery Teacher

Paige is joining the Devereux  team for the 2020 school year and could not be more thrilled to embark on this journey. She is a recent graduate of Salem State University where she obtained her Bachelor’s in American Studies and Master’s in Early Childhood Education. Paige formerly worked at Creation Station Preschool and Daycare in Beverly, as a lead teacher before leaving to complete her education. While pursuing her Master’s, she completed a year long paid fellowship at the Horace Mann Laboratory School in Salem, working in both kindergarten and first grade classrooms. Paige is passionate about open communication with children and their families to ensure each child’s needs are met to the best of her ability. In her free time, Paige enjoys attending spin classes and taking care of her pets. 

Mimi Herman

Nursery Teacher

Mimi is a native of Lyon, France and has been with us at Devereux School since  2009. Mimi is a certified Montessori educator and also holds a certification from the Department of Education and care. Previously, Mimi  has worked at the French Library and Cultural Center in Boston and as a French teacher at the C.A.R.E preschool and the after school program at the Cove School in Beverly.

Mimi, a mother of two, resides in Peabody. She enjoys the beach, reading, writing and, of course, her French culture which she loves sharing with the Devereux School children.

Marina Gutin

Nursery Teacher

Shella Demosthene

Nursery Teacher

Stephanie Bouillon

Nursery Teacher

Shella, a native of Haiti, is a Creole and French speaker who has been with Devereux School since 2018. She is an EEC certified teacher and holds an Associate degree in Gerontology from North Shore Community College. Shella is also the Coordinator of the children’s department at her church. 
Shella enjoys cooking, listening to classical music, singing, volunteering, and has played violin for the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Holy Trinity in Haiti.

Stephanie, an EEC certified Gordon College graduate with a BA in Social Work and  joined the Devereux community in 2019. She is passionate about working with children and families, having directed preschool programs in the Townships of South Africa and lived in France as an Au Pair. Stephanie enhances any environment in which she finds herself by promoting recreation as a means for growth and learning. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys outdoor activities on the North Shore and learning new pyrography skills for her artwork. 


In order to fully benefit from the Montessori philosophy and school curriculum, it is encouraged that students enter the school with the intention of remaining through at least fifth grade. No child, however, shall be denied entrance into our nursery program on the basis of this decision.

Informational Gatherings

Devereux School hosts two Informational Gatherings a year which enable parents to tour the school, meet school staff, and participate in a round table question and answer session. The Informational Gatherings officially mark the beginning of our admissions process and in the past have been a successful way of introducing many parents to our school. Please note the following Informational Gatherings occurred on:
Saturday, December 12th, 2020 at 10 AM

Saturday, January 9th, 2021 at 10 AM

If you were unable to attend either of our Informational Gatherings or wish to meet directly with our Admissions Director,  please contact us and every effort will be made to accommodate you. 

Application Process

Following the Informational Gatherings, those who are inclined to apply to the school are encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible. Once an application for entrance is received, parents will be contacted by the admissions department to arrange a visit. Appointments are typically scheduled in the morning and are limited to one hour to minimize disruption to our students. During this visitation, parents will get a sense of the daily routine of our classes and receive a tour of the school grounds. We ask that you bring your child with you on your visit so that we may have the opportunity to meet him or her.

We currently have NO seats available in any of our classrooms for the 2020-21 academic year.

Once we have met with all candidates, parents will be notified if their child has been accepted or wait-listed for our program. Enrollment decisions are typically made no later than April 1, but the date can vary depending on the volume of applications or scheduled appointments.


Devereux School prides itself on providing an exceptionally high quality educational experience at an extremely competitive cost.  In addition, we offer a limited number of school scholarships to provide tuition assistance. Please feel free to review our detailed tuition and fee information for the 2020-21 academic year.



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